Marvin Gaye “I want you”

May 9, 2017 | Music


Here is a little story behind Marvin Gaye’s track (and album) I want you. 

I want you is the thirteenth studio album of Motown’s legend Marvin Gaye. This album was coproduced by Marvin Gaye himself and the genius producer Leon Ware. Ware also worked with other legendary artists such as Quincy Jones or Michael Jackson.

The demo of the main track I Want You was first written by Ware and T-boy and was meant to be part of Ware’s second album. But when Berry Gordy, Motown’s founder, heard the song, he thought it would be a great fit for Marvin. 

The album, released in 1976, became an instant hit and sold more than 1 million copies. From Funk to Jazz to Bossa Nova, this album is influenced by different music styles and instruments such as brasses.

Ware then released his own record brilliantly named Musical Massage based on the influences he brought to Marvin Gaye but the album did not sell as well (it is still worth listening to though!). 

If you are one of those who recently invested back into a platine, you can also check out the beautiful album cover of the I Want You vinyl record, with the famous ‘Sugar Shack’ painting from artist Ernie Barnes.