Are U Willin’?

Each year, the content available online increases by more than 340%. This infinite flow of information is a double-edged sword. It gives us unlimited access to a wealth of cultural resources, some of which we might never have been able to find and discover 20 years ago. Yet, the ubiquity of the Internet also creates a new phenomenon called Infobesity.

What does this mean? It means we do not take the time anymore to deeply get informed and interested about the world around us. We are now used to swiping through information, people, culture and creativity again and again. And we no longer know how to educate ourselves properly without feeling overwhelmed by all the different platforms and content available to us.

To quote Herbert Simon, ‘… a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention’.

In addition, fake news and social networks’ algorithms are now the new norm and contribute to reducing the world’s culture and creativity to one restricted circle of content. 

Willin’ aims at redefining the meaning of our world’s culture and creativity by focusing on passion, quality and collaboration. From music to literature, Willin’ is the first cultural and creative content curation and discovery platform that finances international development projects.Each day, thanks to our community of World Creativity Spotters, Willin’ helps you discover the best of cultural and creative discoveries from around the world.

At Willin’, we truly believe that spreading the quality and the beauty of our world’s culture and creativity is one of the key to a better world for everyone. That is why a percentage of our revenues will be redistributed to international development projets  that encourage quality access to culture and education for all, no matter their background, country or living conditions. 

So thank you you for using Willin’, for supporting worldwide creativity and an equal access to culture and education around the world. 

Join us and become part of our World Creativity Spotters community!