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Each download or purchase through our platform generates a commission that Willin’ will donate each month to the development projects we support



You can then stay informed about the projects you helped support and learn about their progress in making the world a better place


Willin’ is a social platform that was inspired by the work of Pr. Muhammad Yunus on microfinance and the concept of Social Business.  Yunus defines a social business as a financially self-sustainable business with the aim of increasing social impact. The ideas of social impact and social values are therefore not antinomic with the concept of a viable business. At the contrary, the more businesses incorporate social impact as one of their core value, the more positive changes there will be in our society. 

The concept of social business goes hand in hand with the concept of empowerment in international development. To encourage economic and social development in developing countries, one must empower populations in need to take control of their destiny and become the owner of development projects. In other words, imposing occidental views of international development in poorer countries is not always the answer to a more sustainable world.

Willin’s vision therefore directly comes from these concepts and the belief that everyone deserves equal access to culture, education and creative opportunities. 



Each month, Willin’ will donate 75% of the revenues generated from affiliation to the culture & education projects we support. Willin’ will redistribute the 25% remaining to all the actors working on the platform to keep it running! 

What is Affiliation? 


“To overcome poverty and the flaws of the economic crisis in our society, we need to envision our social life. We have to free our mind, imagine what has never happened before and write social fiction. We need to imagine things to make them happen. If you don’t imagine, it will never happen.” M. Yunus. 

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